Kefalonia Island is the sixth largest island in Greece and the largest in the Ionian Sea. It is located in the middle of the Ionian Sea, near to the mainland of Greece. You can go to the island, either by boat or by plane.

By boat to Kefalonia
Beginning from Athens, you can take a KTEL bus or your car in order to reach Patras (2, 5 hours) or Kyllini (3, 5 hours). From these two ports you can catch a ferry boat in order to reach Kefalonia. The itineraries are daily and very frequent during summer months. From Patras port you will reach Sami port, within 3, 5 hours and from Kyllini port you will reach Poros port, within 1, 5 hour. Finally, from Astakos village of Etoloakarnania prefecture there are daily itineraries to Sami in Kefalonia and last 2, 5 hours. Concerning other sea connections, you can travel from Argostoli to Lixouri within 20 minutes, as well as to Ithaca, Zakynthos and Lefkada. Finally, during the peak season there is a weekly itinerary connecting Kefalonia to Brintizi of Italy, and a not so often connection to Venice, Ancona and Bari. You can book your ferry tickets to Kefalonia from

Information: Bus Terminal Athens 100, Kifissou St., tel.: 2105129498 Information: Bus Terminal Argostoli, tel.: 2671022281. Duration 6,5 hours
for schedules Visit:
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Ionian Ferries:
+30 26710 27621 – +30 26740 72250 (Poros)
+30 26710 92503 (Lixouri) –
+30 210 3249997 (Athens) -

Strintzis Ferries:
+30 26710 25151 – 26740 72284 (Poros)
+30 26710 93142 (Lixouri)
+30 210 4225000 (Athens)
+30 2610 240.000 (Patra)

By air
Kefalonia's airport is located in a distance of 9 kilometres, from the capital of the island, Argostoli. You can go there by taxi, by car or by bus. The air connection Athens-Kefalonia is always available at least once a day, except of summer months, when the flights are more frequent. The trip lasts 45 minutes. During the high tourist period, there are programmed flights from other cities of Greece, as well as from abroad via charter flights.

Information: Kefalonia International Airport: +30 26710 41511
Olympic Airlines Office: +30 26710 28881
Athens International Airport "El. Venizelos":
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Get around on Kefalonia

By bus
The central bus station (KTEL) is found in Argostoli and you can get information for the routes from there. There are bus services covering a lot of regions of the island and the tickets are very cheap. From Argostoli, to Sami there are 4 daily itineraries available and from Argostoli to Fiskardo 2 daily itineraries.

By taxi
The central taxi station is found in Argostoli, at Valianou Square, but you can also get a taxi, at the central streets in the most popular resorts, or via radio-taxi service. There are predetermined tariffs for the most popular destinations.

By car
Considering that Kefalonia is the biggest Ionian island, the car is the ideal means of transport! The island has a lot of beauties and you cannot explore it by bus or by taxi. Car gives you the opportunity to visit places you could not see by bus. However always carry your driving licence with you and use your seat bealts and never drive while you have drank!!! You can rent a car at from

The distances (in kilometres) from Argostoli to the most popular destinations of Kefalonia are presented below :

* Argostoli-Fiskardo: 50
* Argostoli - Poros: 43
* Argostoli -Scala: 40
* Argostoli -Sami: 24
* Argostoli –Agia Efimia: 36
* Argostoli -Lixouri: 8





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